Dermalogica Facials in Dunfermline at Clarity House

Dermalogica Express Facial


Dermalogica Express Facial in Dunfermline at Clarity House

Get results fast with our Dermalogica express facial. A facial treatment that is completely tailored to treat your specific skin needs using Dermalogica products.
After a consultation with our therapists a treatment plan on how we can gain optimum results in minimum time will be set out. This bespoke service may include a combination of exfoliation and facial masques; all dependent on which of these professional steps are most appropriate to get your skin looking and feeling at its best.
The Dermalogica express facial is great for those who are pressed for time or want to squeeze in a treatment on their lunch hour. It can also be beneficial to have this treatment in conjunction with some of our other facial treatments to keep on top of any skin concerns. In particular this express treatment is perfect to have in between our Dermalogica Signature Facial :

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Dermalogica Facials in Dunfermline at Clarity House

Dermalogica Express Facial

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As a team of professional therapists that want to protect our clients, our families and our livelihoods we have decided that we require ALL customers to wear a mask when visiting Clarity House, this includes those that are exempt.  Thank you for your understanding.


We are closely following the Scottish Government Covid guidelines so for this reason your facial will not include steam or extractions at the moment.


All tint treatments now require that you get an updated patch test.  Patch tests are Free and must be book in advance of 24 hours of your tint treatment.


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