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Customer Review – Thai Herbal Massage

Thai Herbal Massage in Dunfermline – Review by Laura Graham

I never usually have any free time to relax and chill but i recently treated myself to a thai herbal message at Clarity House and can honestly say it was well worth the treat!
My Therapist’s name was Cherelle and she was welcoming and put me at ease the whole time as i didn’t know what to expect. The room was very zen and made me feel relaxed instantly. As i have anxiety, i do get a lot of tension around my shoulders and other areas of my body so to have this treat was very much needed!
The combination of heated herbal balls and oils is a match made in heaven. I loved the pressure that Cherelle used the whole time and felt like it made a difference to my posture and tension instantly. The massage finished with a head massage. I felt the results of that instantly as all my tension is mostly in that area.

Would I have Thai Herbal Massage done again?

Would I have this done again? OH YES just try and stop me. 
After a few days and wishing i could go back as i so enjoyed the experience, l felt like a different person. My mood suprisingly changed and my body felt more at ease and relaxed all over, especially around my shoulders. Massages clearly are not all for physical well being, its about mentally also and i cannot describe how less tense i felt after the experience. I would definitely recommend to anyone who suffers from anxiety or even high amounts of stress in their life as this will be amazing for you. We all need some self love and take time out of our busy schedules to focus on us more. This massage is a definite for more people to try as it is incredible!
Laura GrahamClarity House Customer
Laura visits Clarity House to relax. Thanks Laura, for taking the time to review your visit to Clarity House of Massage in Dunfermline.

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