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Customer Review – Hot Lava Shells

Hot Lava Shells in Dunfermline – Review by Callie McFarlane

Wow I am just home from the most indulgent 90 minute hot lava shell massage, it exceeded all expectations so I need to tell everyone about it!
The rooms at Clarity House are immaculate, they instantly make you feel relaxed and my therapist Mhairi made sure I was comfortable before explaining how the treatment works.

“The shell is a tiger striped clam shell and the heat is activated by inserting some magic potions (A mixture of minerals, algae, salt water and essential oils).”

I was quite surprised that the heat generated by the shells was maintained throughout the entire massage and they felt extremely smooth gliding across my skin. I exercise regularly so that constant heat and just the right amount of pressure from Mhairi felt amazing on my tense and tired muscles.

If this treatment wasn’t perfect enough i left feeling lighter and couldn’t believe that after only a 90 minute treatment my jeans felt looser, a real added bonus.
I left feeling completely relaxed, tension free and a couple of inches lighter.
Hot lava shells is the treatment you didn’t know you needed in your life – get booked in now and certainly won’t be disappointed.

Would I have Hot Lava Shells done again?

Would I have this done again? OH YES just try and stop me.
Callie McFarlaneClarity House Customer
Callie visits Beauty Therapist Mhairi Anderson at Clarity House in Dunfermline.
Thank you for taking the time to review your Hot Lava Shells Massage Callie.
We look forward to seeing you again.

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