Henna Brows in Dunfermline at Clarity House

Wake Up Brow Ready

What’s so good about Henna Brows?

What do you think about waking up in the morning with your brows great to go?

No pencilling in the gaps, no need for powders...

There are many options to help get your day started without the hassle of having to paint in your eyebrows.  It’s quite normal to find gaps in your eyebrows and for them to form in a shape that you don’t quite like.  At Clarity House you can choose form HD Brows or Henna Brows which are both temporary shaping and tinting techniques that will leave you, brow proud.

Henna dye has been used for years to tint the skin, for body art and for temporary tattoos.  It is only natural we now use henna to tint and shape brows.  With henna brows your therapist tints the skin beneath the brows, creating the illusion of depth and fullness, helping to fill any gaps in your brows, giving you the shape you want.  The dye is made from the henna tree, the dye is similar to that used in Indian culture, however the dye tints are adapted to suit eyebrow colour.

Henna is a safe and natural way tint your brows, making it more suitable to sensitive skin.  Henna brows are generally longer lasting than other industry tints.  Henna brow tint tends to last longer on dryer skin clients and doesn’t adhere well to freshly exfoliated skin.

Its good to remember that this tint will fade as your skin renews.  This is a non permanent treatment and is a good stepping stone to Microblading or cosmetic tattooing.

Henna Brows Cost £30 at Clarity House.  You will need to book a PATCH TEST before we can carry out this treatment.

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