Dr Des Ferandes Meeting Eve and Derek from Clarity House in Dunfermline

Environ at Clarity House Dunfermline

We meet the maker of Environ…

Dr Des Ferandes Meeting Eve and Derek from Clarity House in Dunfermline

A number of years ago at Clarity House a massage client said she was off somewhere else to get a facial.  Can you imagine my face when I heard she wasn’t choosing to get her facial from Clarity House?  At the time we were using Dermalogica and Neal’s Yard products for Facials.  Obviously I had to ask why the client was not having her facials at Clarity House.  The answer was simply that the client loved the results she got from using Environ products and we didn’t offer them at Clarity House.

A few days later I was watching the TV programme, “10 Years Younger”, this was a special series of the well known show that pitched beauty products against surgical alternatives.  The only product that won over the surgical alternatives was made by Environ.  Not being one to ignore co-incidence I got in touch with Environ HQ immediately and within a few weeks we had attended training and stocked up on the Environ products.

Our bravest Clarity House customers decided to try out the Environ Facials and products and then word of mouth started to spread.  Most of our clients and all our therapists now use Environ, we love it and the results.

So, imagine my excitement when we got an invitation to meet the maker himself, the inventor of Environ.  Eve and I were keen to go along and meet Dr Des Fernandes, rated among the top 5 plastic surgeons in the world, he was a pioneer in his field in the 80s.  Dr Des was first to use Vitamin A in high enough doses that help counteract the harmful effects of the environment, pollution and stress, and create the appearance of radiant, visibly improved skin.

Off to Edinburgh’s Waldrof Astoria Hotel Eve and I went and we weren’t disappointed.  I am not sure how old Dr Des is but he is young looking, young at heart, young in his kind eyes.  He is wise, wise beyond anyone I’d met in a long time and he is kind and caring and it turns out Dr Des was pioneering in his plastic surgical work on babies born with cleft palate.  We learned this as he explained his past with passion.

Dr Fernandes has written numerous papers and chapters for medical publications on various plastic surgery procedures and in the more recent years on skin health and rejuvenation with the use of vitamin-containing skin care preparations and also in methods of improved penetration – particularly skin needling for collagen stimulation. He has lectured at many Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Congresses and Dermatology Congresses throughout the world and receives many requests from organisers of these congresses to lecture.  I think Eve and I will always feel privileged to have met Dr Des and we will always be proud to treat Clarity House customers with the Environ range of products and advanced facial clinical treatments.

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