What are the contraindications to the Environ Advanced Electrical Facials?

Unfortunately you cannot have an Advanced Environ facial if any of theses conditions apply to you. Pregnancy, Pacemaker, Porphyria, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Cardiac Irregularities, Metal/Plates or Pins, Receiving Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy, Circulatory Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, History of Thrombosis/Embolism, Moles or Sunspots Removed

How do I get my deposit refunded?

Our system does not automatically refund if you cancel an appointment.  If you have to cancel an appointment that you have made payment or redeemed a gift voucher for, as long as it is inline with the required 24 hours notice please send an email to relax@www.clarityhouse.co.uk and your refund will be processed.

What is the difference between Hot Wax and Traditional Waxing?

"Traditional Wax" is also known as "Strip Wax" where the wax is applied, a paper strip placed on top and then pulled off removing the paper, wax and unwanted hair.  Whereas "Hot Wax" does not use paper strips, the hot wax is applied to the area, allowed to cool slightly and then the wax itself is pulled off removing the unwanted hair.

Why do I pay a deposit?

Sadly we have to ask for a deposit because some clients were not turning up to appointments.  All the therapists at Clarity House are self employed and do not earn when someone doesn't show for an appointment so we now ask for a deposit to cover for this time.  Deposits can be refunded if your [...]

How do I cancel an appointment?

You can cancel your appointment at Clarity House by visiting the confirmation email that would have been sent to you when you booked.  There is a link on this email for you to change, update or cancel your appointment, you must give us 24hrs notice to make any changes.  Always check your junk mail, it [...]

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